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Yoga for Beginners

Wednesdays at 11am
with Elizabeth


Saturdays at 12:30pm
with the owners of Elements, Bruce and Donna

These 3 instructors are highly trained and have been teaching for many years.  Elizabeth has taught well over 4000 classes and will guide you in a thoughtful and precise way while encouraging you to stay steady and strong.  Bruce and Donna will lead you together in an active class that moves much slower paced than our all-level classes and is dsigned to help you calm the nervous system and quiet the mind as well as build endurance, strength, and flexibility.

Yoga is a gift and one that you can gain vast benefits from.  So take the plunge under these instructors watchful eyes and gentle guidence and start to experience the healing effects of this ancient art and science.

Please Note:
These classes are also a wonderful way for more seasoned yogis to refine and get back to basics.

Private Yoga Sessions:
If these times do not work out for you or if you'd like to supplement classes with Private Yoga sessions you can do that.  We offer private and semi-private yoga sessions at the studio or at your home in order to get you started and comfortable joining into a mixed all-level class.  Or you may simply want a few sessions designed especially for you and your needs (i.e. injuries, or fitness goals etc).  Either way - private yoga could be for you.


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